Tips On Bathroom Remodeling

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One of the best reasons to remodel your bathroom in your home is that you get to personally make it uniquely your own. You have the opportunity to bring in the functionality you need in your bathroom space and make statements about your personal design style.

While many people can find it intimidating to make design choices, there are just as many out there who can’t wait to create something awesome in a beautiful and welcoming bathroom for themselves with remodeling.

If you are a person who loves to express themselves artistically, then making these types of changes in your bathroom can be extremely fun and exciting. However, bathroom remodeling can get quite complicated, especially when completing a full remodel. Here are some things you’ll want to consider before starting your project.

Planning A Bathroom Remodeling Project

There’s a big difference between planning out and designing a remodeling job for your bathroom and actually getting the work done. Even those with the best of intentions often find out just how much stamina and skill it takes to do even the smallest construction projects.

Just a good design can be extremely difficult to create. If you don’t have the experience or the training, it can be really hard just to pick out just the paint colors. Professional remodeling companies often help you with bathroom design as well as construction.

If you’re on your own to plan a design, be sure you can visually see the materials together before you purchase them. Bring samples home, cut out magazine photos, and take pictures with your smartphone. Always be on the lookout for great ideas, colors, textures, and designs that make you feel good.

Professionals Bathroom Remodeling vs. DIY

There are times when a homeowner gives up on a bathroom remodeling project and lets it sit for months on end. Starting was easy, it’s getting it finished that’s a problem. Bathroom remodeling doesn’t always just take stamina and skill. It also requires quite a bit of time and sweat.

This is so much more common than you would think. People get excited about doing something but just can’t quite get it done because of tools, time, funds, or just plain stamina and skill.

One of the reasons a professional remodeling company can get a project done ten times faster than most homeowners could ever dream of accomplishing it is because they have a team of crew members to construct the project.

A do-it-yourselfer may be lucky to find a friend or two on the weekends to help out. But more often, the project takes several weekends or even months to complete. A homeowner who does bathroom remodeling themselves may have a subset of skills, but a professional remodeling company should have all the skills and crew members who can do more complicated aspects of the project easily and quickly. Professionals will be able to complete the project much quicker and the results will be better.

Things like moving toilets, bathtubs, sinks, and lighting or outlets around requires a licensed plumber and electrician. Again, a professional company that’s established with plenty of experience in the remodeling industry will always be able to handle the project safer, quicker, and according to current safety building code requirements. The remodeling company should also help with permit filing and inspection passing.

Safety Matters On Bathroom Remodeling Projects

Speaking of safety building codes, on the job safety is a top concern in the construction industry. Every year, there are thousands of construction workers killed on the job, not just injured, so consider that factor when figuring if you want to do your own bathroom remodeling projects. In 2014, 4,679 workers were killed on the job which is on average almost 90 per week, 13 a day!

The last thing you want to do is take on a bathroom remodeling project that’s really just too big for you to handle. Just be sure you really think about it before beginning the demolition. There’s no shame in asking for help to keep your sanity and safety in mind or to take back the weekends to spend with your family and friends. You can always call in a professional if you need to.


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