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When you walk into your bathroom, what do you see? How do you feel? When it’s time to remodel your Flemington home, consider using bath liners or shower liners instead of replacing these fixtures.

Bath liners will improve the look and feel of your bathroom without the cost of tearing out the old tub and installing a new one. For the bathroom, a liner can be installed directly over your old shower or bath, creating an entirely new surface from top to bottom.

Take a look at your bathtub or shower. It may already actually be a stand alone shell on the bathtub or shower. If it is and the shell is outdated, old, scratched up, or just plain ugly, now is the time to take a look at your options for replacement.

Your current one piece may be made from fiberglass or plastic. If so, you know well how quickly the surface deteriorated and became easily stained and scratched.

Our quality-made liners are made for tubs, sinks, showers, or baths and are a much better option than the old fiberglass or plastic one pieces. They can fit around old, existing shower or bath tubs or be installed as wall surrounds.

Benefits Of Bath Liners

  • Bath liners and wall systems: Liners for bathtubs can include walls, they fit over the bathtub and mold into the walls, smoothly fitting the space. The bath liner can be a three piece or one piece system.
  • One piece or three piece wall systems can match your tub when added to the bathtub system.
  • Shower Liners or wall surrounds are also either three piece or one piece systems.
  • Stand alone systems do not wrap around existing tubs or showers.
  • They are a hard, smooth surface that has durable shine.
  • Demolition is not necessary.
  • Minimal time & work to install, cost effective, durable.
  • Less likely to mold or mildew on the one-piece liners because there are no seams for water, humidity, or grime to get into.

Mark Of Excellence Remodeling Services In Flemington

Calling Mark of Excellence for bath or shower liner installation makes a lot of money sense. That’s why we are so often called for this service. We are always on the lookout to help customers experience the most durable and cost effective ideas when it comes to remodeling their homes.

At Mark of Excellence, our skilled New Jersey remodeling experts strive to provide homeowners with a service experience that is unmatched. No matter your needs, our contractors have the experience and knowledge to guarantee excellent, quality service.

From start to finish, our teams work with the Tampa homeowner every step of the way. Our goal is to ensure that your project is completed just the way you expect it. Call us today and we will schedule a consultation with you for your bathroom remodeling!


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