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House Lifting in New Jersey

Following Superstorm Sandy damages along the New Jersey Shore, the need for professional house lifting services is wide spread. Where to start? Who to trust? How to coordinate? Those questions and much more can be addressed and answered by the Mark of Excellence.

House raising can be done as a stand alone project, but is often combined with home remodeling and improvements whether basic or extensive and possibly structural. The actual house lift and reset starts at $14.00 per square foot of house base area. However there are several items and tasks that need to be considered, addressed and priced, such as:

  • Professional fees: Designer, Architect, Engineer, Surveyor…etc
  • Foundation solution: Block, Pilings, Helical Piles
  • Mechanicals and utilities: Electric, Plumbing, Gas, Heating, Cooling…etc
  • Chimneys and fireplaces
  • Steps, porches, and decks
  • Wood floor framing for rooms and garages that now have concrete slab floors
  • Interior renovations
  • Exterior siding and foundation facade or finish
  • Landscaping

These items, with the house lift, typically amount to at least $60,000 and often much more.

There is good news! You may be eligible for a grant up to $30,000 from FEMA, referred to as Increased Cost of Compliance (ICC). Plus, qualified homeowners may be eligible for a grant covering up to 75% (above the ICC $30K) of the overall cost. Therefore, a $120,000 project, with the $30,000, would potentially be 100% covered. The experienced house lifting team is prepared to help our clients apply and obtain as much as possible.

The Mark of Excellence process for house lifting:

  • Mark of Excellence will provide an estimated budget range for the house lift and associated work
  • The next step is a retainer for $5,000 ~ this money is fully applied to the complete project cost and not an extra expense
  • Here are the items and tasks that accompany that are included with the retainer:
    • You get a secured place on the production schedule ~ Please note that currently projects can be started and completed in a timely manner. Soon, we anticipate that the backlog delay will be quite long.
    • Architect plans for the lift and the engineer's report if required.
    • Full-color, 3D CAD (computer aided design) elevation views depicting the new appearance of your home's front and back elevation.
    • Detailed scope of work.
    • Category pricing for the included tasks.
    • A list of plus/minus cost option items and choices.

It is virtually impossible for a nonprofessional to lift or raise up his New Jersey home's elevation.

For most home remodeling or renovation companies out there in New Jersey, this is a service they cannot offer due to lack of proper equipment, training, and manpower.

When you are interested in jacking up an entire house, complete with cribs, girders, timbers, and everything else you need in order to lift the entire house off the ground, or if you just need to jack up a portion of the house in order to insert an extra tier or beam for repairs, give us a call.

Our House Lifting experts are properly trained home elevation contractors who can best assist you in the complicated process of repairing your home's elevation problems. Don't try lifting your home yourself, without the help of a skilled professional New Jersey home lifting contractor.

Home Lifting FAQs

Our House Lifting Provides These Detailed Services:

  • House Foundation Lifting
  • Home Elevation Raising
  • Fix Home Elevation
  • Fix Home Level
  • Home Levelling
  • House Levelling
  • House Lifting
  • Floor Lifting
  • Roof Lifting
  • Foundation Lifting
  • Home Lifting
  • Home Raising

We Provide House Lifting and Repair in the Following Areas:

House Lifting NJAdelphia, NJ | Allaire, NJ | Allenhurst, NJ | Allentown, NJ | Allenwood, NJ | Asbury Park, NJ | Atlantic Highlands, NJ | Avon by the sea, NJ | Belford, NJ | Belmar, NJ | Clarksburg, NJ | Cliffwood Beach, NJ | Colts Neck, NJ | Cream Ridge, NJ |Deal, NJ | Deal Park, NJ | Fair Haven, NJ | Farmingdale, NJ | Freehold, NJ | Hazlet, NJ - All Service Areas

Why New Jersey Should Hire Us For Their House Lifting

New Jersey Construction Management Services can provide quality repairs for your New Jersey area home relating to un-level floors, ceilings or walls. We have years of experience dealing with home foundation raising or lifting. We service West Long Branch New Jersey and surrounding areas with help handling home elevation or foundation problems.

House Lifting Frequently Asked Questions

House Lifting NJHow much will it cost to lift my house?
Lifting a house is not an easy process. There are many variables involved such as the structure’s size, age, location, and more. The presence of a basement will make the move more involved and affect the price as well. We are happy to do a site visit and prepare a thorough, accurate estimate.

Does lifting a house reduce its integrity?
No. A qualified house lifting contractor knows exactly how to position the equipment, gauge the weight, and properly lift your house and set it back down on a new foundation. When done right, the integrity of your house should not be affected.

How long does it take to lift a house?
Most lifts can take anywhere from one day to several weeks, depending on the size, location, age, and structural limitations. Other work such as new foundations, utility reconnects, porch, stairs, deck and chimney rebuilding will take more time, but typically can be done within 30-45 days, weather permitting.

Can Additions and porches be lifted?
Yes. The hydraulic jacking systems that are used are the most advanced in the industry. This allows us to raise any wing or addition of a building symmetrically with the main building.

Who coordinates all of the “other” construction items that need to be handled before and after the house lift?
While it is possible that a homeowner could act as their own general contractor, the staff at Mark of Excellence has over 30 years of construction experience in project management, scheduling and carpentry. Our on-site project managers have worked closely with all of our tradespeople for many years, such as masons, plumbers, electricians, engineers, architects, etc. We will insure that a smooth transition takes place and that your project is completed in a professional manner, on time and on budget.

What about rebuilding or resetting any attached structures such as decks, porches, stairs, chimneys, etc. once my house is lifted and set back down?
Mark of Excellence will address all of these items in our estimate to you and they will be included in your construction agreement. Everything will be completed by our company, all put back to the way it was before the lift, or better.

Can you build the foundation on which my house will be set on?
Yes. Mark of Excellence will coordinate all the contractors necessary to excavate, as needed, form and pour footings, and pour concrete or construct block foundation walls. We work closely with our mason to insure that they are familiar with your house and its requirements before they set foot on site, and that all work is done according to plan.

What permits or licenses are required for lifting my house, and who is responsible for getting them?
Every municipality throughout New Jersey is different, but rest assured, any permits required for house lifting will be applied for by Mark of Excellence, along with any other construction permits for items such as new foundations, decks and porches, roofing, electric or plumbing changes, etc. Mark of Excellence also handles the scheduling of all required inspections.

I am located in a flood zone. Can I benefit from your services?
Absolutely. We have many clients who love their homes but are constantly flooded by local streams, rivers and Oceans. By raising the structure of your home, you can maintain your property and not worry about future storms.

Am I required to buy separate insurance to cover my house lift?
Although our house lifting process is covered by full comprehensive insurance to cover your lift, including structural damage, it is always wise to buy short term insurance to cover unforeseen problems over which we have no control, such as previously existing structure faults and possible inadequate insurance coverage by any of your utility contractors.

Who is responsible for damage that could happen to other persons’ property while the house is being lifted?
When we are lifting a house on site, our agreement states that we are not responsible for damage to neighboring properties. Normally, we require customers to get written permission from their neighbors to access their property, if required. We will provide you with a certificate of liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance.

Will I receive a written contract clearly showing me the responsibility of all parties involved in the lift?
Yes. Details of the lift and all construction items, as well as responsibilities by all parties involved, will be stated in writing in our construction agreement for your approval. No work will be performed without your written approval. We don’t believe in “surprises” and we want you to be completely aware of the process from start to finish.

What if I have questions that are not addressed in these FAQs?
We strongly recommend that you email us at or call us at (800) 734-3737 for further information. You can also find these FAQ on our website at

If you're looking for a professional New Jersey House Lifting contractor, then give us a call today at (732) 263-9890 or complete our request for a design and budget consultation.

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