New Jersey Remodeling Services

Since 1987 Mark of Excellence Remodeling has been the name locals rely on to take care of their need for New Jersey remodeling services and home improvement services. We are an award winning team that works hard to make sure that we are able to provide the best in workmanship and customer care, for every customer, every time. Now, we look forward to working with you in order to get whatever job done that you need completed.

Bath Liners

bathroom remodeling, Bath Liners New Jersey RemodelingWhen you’re working on getting your New Jersey bathroom remodeled, you probably are thinking you’ll need to replace your old bath tub if it’s worn and dull looking. Or even if it’s shiny, the color may not be right for your new design.


Tub To Shower Conversions

bathroom remodelingUnfortunately, not every bathroom has both a shower and tub. Many bathrooms only have a bathtub with a showerhead attached to the wall.

For many people, taking a shower in a bathtub is very inconvenient. Even if one can get in and out of the tub easily, it’s not enjoyable.


Shower Liners

Shower LinerMark of Excellence Remodeling is a factory certified installer of Bathwraps. You may have already heard that they are a fast and affordable way to update your bathroom. But did you know that they are completely customized just for you?


Walk-In Tub Services

Nothing feels as great as a nice, soothing bath after a long, tiring day. This is a great reward for any individual, but not everyone can access a regular bathtub easily. This is where walk in tubs come in. 


Bathroom Remodeling

New Jersey Remodeling Services, Edison Remodeling Contractor, New Jersey Bathroom RemodelingTaking on a bathroom remodeling project for your New Jersey home is an exciting project and few homeowners realize how amazing this transformation can be for your home. Give yourself the luxury you have always wanted while still being able to express your unique sense of individuality and style. Whether you are remodeling your entire home or just a room at a time, this is one of the most important ones to focus on. Stop simply seeing this as a room of necessity and be able to finally enjoy relaxing here at the end of a long work day.


Stair Lift Installations

Mark of Excellence is the number one team to call on for a variety of important services, including stair lift installation. This doesn’t just improve your home, it will help to improve your quality of life. The important part of having great success with this project is getting the best in products and workmanship so that you can have long term success with your stair lift.


Gutter Protection Systems

Without a gutter protection system, you’ll never be able to keep tree debris from clogging up the gutters. There will be constant seasonal maintenance as well as additional repairs to make when you have open gutters. Gutter protection systems are installed regularly to keep the leaves, sticks, pine needles, fuzz, dirt, and everything else from compacting the system. If you need a good gutter protection system for your home, contact Mark of Excellence Remodeling.


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