Walk-In Tub Service In New Jersey


Nothing feels as great as a nice, soothing bath after a long, tiring day. This is a great reward for any individual, but not everyone can access a regular bathtub easily. This is where walk in tubs come in. Replacing the regular bathtub with a walk-in model is the best solution in these cases. Whether it’s a disability, aging, or just the preference of sitting more upright for a nice long soak, a walk in tub offers easier access.

If you are interested in Walk In Tub service in New Jersey, call Mark of Excellence Remodeling for the best service. Our New Jersey remodeling contractors offer expert workmanship and can handle your large home renovation projects.

Remodeling a bathroom is a fun and exciting project, especially when you see what we can do to create the bathroom of your dreams. Let us work with you to transform your old bathroom into a new beautiful space. We have some of the best luxury walk in tubs just waiting for you. We know you’ll find our New Jersey walk in tub service to be exactly what you need for your bathroom remodeling project.

Walk-In Tub Installations

When installing a walk in tub, you need to be sure the plumbing is connected correctly and the tub fits the space involved. This is why it’s best to choose an experienced remodeling company as there may need to be adjustments made to the space and the plumbing.

Mark of Excellence Remodeling is your local New Jersey expert. Our professionals can handle any changes necessary to the space to ensure everything is installed in place correctly.

Walk-In Tub Features

Walk in tubs offer safety, comfort, and security for anyone who wants a luxurious private bath.

Ordinary tubs can be really unfriendly on the knees and back. A walk in tub is comfortable and you get a full soak instead of just up to the waist. It’s similar to enjoying a hot-tub but without all that steaming heat.

There are walk in tub models that offer whirlpool or rigorous massaging jets. What an amazing treat to have one you can use anytime.

The interior of the walk in tub also contributes to the soothing experience. A contoured, built-in seat is really nice to relax on. The floor is slip resistant and a safety bar is installed on the side. The door closes with a watertight seal.

With these basic features, bathing is not only easy but extremely safe and enjoyable. Give Mark of Excellence a call today to discuss some options. We’d love to help you with your New Jersey bathroom remodeling project and install a luxury walk in tub in your home.

Walk-In Tub Options

WATER-TIGHT SECURITY -A Bathtub exclusive. Patented dual- pin locking door makes this unit completely leak-proof.

ERGONOMIC HANDHELD SHOWER – The unique ergonomic handheld shower has a soft, comfortable strap and a soft touch push button to change the shower flow.

PERFECT FIT – Designed to fit into standard bathtub spaces.

EASY TO USE CONTROLS – Choose your experience with the simple push of a button.

BALANCED AIRFLOW SYSTEM – A unique network of channels that push air evenly into the bath.

EASY ACCESS TO PLUMBING AND EQUIPMENT – Skirt panel removes easily to provide fast, convenient access if needed.

BUILT-IN SAFETY – Ergonomic chrome grab bar and slip-resistant flooring give you peace of mind.

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