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Ridgewood Remodeling

Every bathroom will need to be remodeled at some point. If it’s that time for you and your family, call and ask us about our Ridgewood bathroom remodeling services. At Mark of Excellence Remodeling, our New Jersey remodeling contractors are highly skilled, licensed, and insured.

Our team believes that a customers’ bathroom should be designed according to their unique needs. You and your family rely on your bathrooms for some of your most important everyday tasks. You need them to function properly to help you get ready in the morning. And, the space should be comfortable, beautiful, and relaxing. With our help, you can transform your ordinary, outdated bathroom into a comfortable oasis that you enjoy using on a regular basis.

We are also safety and accessibility specialists in bathroom remodeling. We have premium products which can be installed to customize the remodel. This includes walk-in tubs, handholds, seating, and quick drain tubs. As authorized dealers of Bathwraps, you’ll have access to high-quality bathroom remodeling products that are durable and well-made. Here are some examples.

Bath Liners

Our Bathwraps bath liners are 100% guaranteed by the manufacturer. The lifetime warranty protects you from defects or product failure. The bath liners and shower liners that we install in Ridgewood are made of premium acrylic materials and are guaranteed to last. There will be no color fading, cracking, or other problems associated with inferior bath liners.

Shower Liners For Bathroom Remodeling

Installing shower liners is another affordable, fast way to remodel a bathroom. A bathroom remodeling project can take weeks to complete, especially when taking out the old shower and tub materials and replacing them. With shower liners, your bathroom remodeling project will be completed in much less time. The shower liners are ordered with precise measurements and custom fit to install in only one day.

Walk-In Tubs For Safe & Relaxing Bathrooms

If you’ve dreamed of having a beautiful new walk-in tub but have discovered how expensive they are, you’ll love our Bath walk-in tubs. We have the hydrotherapy jets, wide leak-proof doors, low step profile, and custom features you are looking for. Call today to take a look at all the options we have in affordable premium walk-in tubs.

Ridgewood, NJ

For expert bathroom remodeling services in Ridgewood, call Mark of Excellence Remodeling today at 800-898-3082, or fill out our online request form.