Shrewsbury, NJ Remodeling Options & Additions Ideas

Shrewsbury, NJ, Basement Remodeling

When you modify your Shrewsbury home, you’re not having to pay closing costs, selling costs, moving costs, commissions, taxes, and all the hassles that moving entails. You can come out ahead with remodeling instead, especially when you consider that you’re also adding value to your current home, making it larger or more organized with better features as you go.

With remodeling, you know your Shrewsbury home already, and you know what you’re getting with remodeling, so you have many options to choose from. If you were to relocate, you could wind up with some of the same issues you currently have where the home isn’t exactly what you thought it would be after you spend time in it.

Let us show you what your current home can be. We can amaze you with a customized home that will perfectly suit what you’re looking for in an award winning home design. In fact, our New Jersey Remodeling company has served the area since 1987 with many local and national awards including a recent 2009 Northeast Remodeler of the Year award by Chrysalis Awards for Remodeling Excellence.

Design & Build Remodeling For Home Additions In Shrewsbury

Giving yourself extra space in your home can be the answer to all your problems when it comes to the way your home functions for you. You may have areas of your home that are just a bit too small to make them functional.

Adding on space to your kitchen or bathroom area, for example, could give you the master bathroom of your dreams or the kitchen that has all the counterspace you want to cook and prepare meals with. Home additions can transform you home into the special home you’re wanting.

Shrewsbury Kitchen Remodeling

Your home’s kitchen should be a very functional space because you need to use it so often for food preparation. There’s no reason why you should find yourself stuck in a kitchen that’s unsuitable for your needs. Your kitchen can be changed in any number of ways to better suit your needs for cooking and food preparations.

You can have better lighting to see by, a better floor plan and functional layout, more space for appliances or countertops, and so many more options to make your kitchen serve you better.

Basement Finishing Ideas For Your Shrewsbury Home

Whatever you need the additional space for in your basement, you can have it done with our professional basement finishing services at Mark of Excellence Remodeling.

Has your family grown to a size where your children are needing more space to play or get away from the adults? Or do you need adult space to entertain friends? Perhaps you’d like an area where you can store food or emergency supplies for storm prepping?

Shrewsbury, NJ

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