Budget Friendly Tub To Shower Conversions For New Jersey

Tub to shower conversion
Unfortunately, not every bathroom has both a shower and tub. Many bathrooms only have a bathtub with a showerhead attached to the wall.

For many people, taking a shower in a bathtub is very inconvenient. Even if one can get in and out of the tub easily, it’s not enjoyable. The space is narrow and the base is curved. Either the shower curtain gets stuck to you or water gets all over the floor.

Taking a shower should be enjoyable, not something that cramps your style. If you hate your tub and would rather have a shower, consider a tub to shower conversion.

This is a really great way to open up the space so you can shower comfortably. If you rarely or never use the tub, it could be just what you need.

Our New Jersey Remodeling Company offers tub to shower conversions to New Jersey homeowners. Of course, we can also replace floors, toilets, and sinks for a complete makeover.

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Economical Bathroom Remodeling With Tub To Shower Conversions

A tub to shower conversion is the economical way to remodel the bathroom. The new shower is designed specifically to fit the space it will be installed in. They are safe, attractive, and easy to maintain.

Our experts will ensure your new shower is water tight and perfectly installed. Most are usually installed in only one or two days, but of course it depends on the aspects of the project.

About Our Liners Direct Showers

The showers are custom made to fit and come with all types of accessories.

They are made of tough, non-porous acrylic that is very durable. In fact, they are backed by a great warranty that guarantees your new shower will never fade, peel, or crack.

They are easy to maintain and are resistant to mold and mildew. You’ll never have to scrub grout again! A tub to shower conversion is the perfect option for remodeling to a modern look when resources and time are limited.

If you are interested in Tub To Shower Conversions for your New Jersey bathroom remodeling project, please call Mark of Excellence at 800-898-3082 or complete our online request form.